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I am glad you are making the courageous decision to connect with a therapist who can assist you in achieving personal growth. I understand the discomfort and vulnerability that accompanies seeking a mental health professional, so I want to reassure you how beneficial a strong therapeutic alliance can be. Whether it’s improving your ability to communicate, identifying ways to be closer with others, be more attuned to your emotions, or overcome painful life experiences, let me be your guide to finding wellness. 

Having worked with individuals and families in crisis has made me a strong clinician, who is innovative and well-prepared. I enjoy providing trauma focused treatment, as I have witnessed incredible outcomes. I am fascinated by resilience, and the strength people are capable of having in times of darkness. I love empowering people to fight for healthier, happier lives. Contact me to learn more about the counseling process, as it would be an honor to help you find balance and true fulfillment. 

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I have worked in mental health settings since 2007 including traditional outpatient community clinics and an inpatient children’s psychiatric hospital, providing intensive treatment for youth and families in crisis. I am experienced in counseling people across the lifespan, in providing play based interventions, individual, family, group, and online therapy. This has included working with parents on gentle parenting strategies to strengthen their parent-child relationship by find solutions to problem behavior and addressing underlying emotions. 

It is useful to incorporate a strength-based approach, as I believe we are innately good and doing the best we can. Sometimes we need to unlearn intergenerational patterns, and gain awareness around how our family system impacts us. I often incorporate phases of EMDR as resourcing and addressing the way our body holds onto memory can provide such relief. With that, an Ego State Approach is pulled from, addressing parts of self, as sometimes we have old attachment wounds that need healing so that we can have corrective experiences.
As a therapist, I wholeheartedly believe a client has all they need within, and that it is a privilege to come alongside you in time of need. 

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Areas of expertise include anxiety, Highly Sensitive Persons/Children, trauma with specialization in attachment and sexual abuse or assault, veterans and their families, grief/loss, those impacted by cancer, and developing of emotional regulation/co-regulation skills. I also enjoy providing therapy to other helping professionals. 


DBA Alicia Steckler Counseling, Private Practice formed in 2014

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Licensed Mental Health Counselor | National Certified Counselor | Mental Health Professional | Child Mental Health Specialist | Certified in EMDR, TF-CBT, CBT+, and Clinical Supervision in WA State

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from UW

Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Seattle University 

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Intake Assessment $175 | Individual /Family Therapy $150 | Clinical Supervision - Please contact me


In-network with the following insurance plans: Premera, Kaiser, First Choice, Regence, US Family Health Plan

Partner with The Headstrong Project

Out-of-network billing also offered, which can result in partial reimbursement 

Billing service: Puget Sound Medical Billing 425.503.6739

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For Telehealth sessions, click on the following link:

6626 Wagner Way NW Ste 200
Gig Harbor, Pierce County 98335


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Suicide and Crisis Line 988 | Pierce County Crisis Line 800-576-7764 | Kitsap County Crisis Line 800-843-4793 | National Suicide Prevention Line 800-273-8255. Press 1 for Veterans Helpline | Text a VA Responder at 877-565-8860 | Text ‘HEAL’ to the Crisis Text Line at 741741 | Under 21, call Teen Link at 866-TEENLINK and ask to talk to a peer (open 6pm-10pm) | Trevor Project Lifeline (peer support for transgender people) 866-488-7386 | Trans Lifeline (peer support for transgender people in crisis) 877-565-8860 | WA Recovery Helpline (24 hour help for substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental health) | 866-789-1511 | Addiction & Mental Health Resources for All | Addiction Treatment for Latinx | Detox for Women 

A Guide for Black Women | Child Protective Services 800-762-4902 | Adult Protective Services 877-734-6277 | Crystal Judson Family Justice Center (domestic violence) 253-798-4166 | YWCA 253-272-4181 ext 2 | Domestic Violence Helpline 800-562-6025 | BIPOC | Services and resources 211


When you reach out, it’s typically because you’re having some sort of struggle, and what you know to do is not providing enough relief. A therapist is used to meeting with people when they are not at their best, and you will be met with warmth, compassion, and curiosity. Therapy is also meant to be a place where you can say any and all things, not be judged, or question whether you’ll be accepted. 

We will go at your pace, but it is necessary to be vulnerable, and talk about and feel the source of pain or worry. When doing EMDR, you don’t need to talk about your trauma in depth or the memory in detail. You will be asked to notice the emotions associated, hold an image/picture in mind, observe the physical symptoms felt, as well as the negative belief you have of self or others. It is known as a compassionate and effective trauma therapy. 

The duration of care will depend on the presenting problem, and feedback as well as collaboration are encouraged. Sometimes you’ll hear “you get out what you put in” which essentially means you have a say of what’s worked on -based off of your treatment goals- and it will require effort and transparency. It is necessary to practice learned skills outside of session, so that progress can be made. The hope is that change will be sustainable, you’ll have skills to manage, and you won’t need me in the same way. 


Before you begin, most therapists will offer a free phone consultation. This gives you an opportunity to ask questions, get a sense for their personality, learn about their expertise, and see how you respond to them. It’s encouraged that you speak with a few therapists before making a decision to schedule, and then give them a few sessions to see how it goes. Reason being, it is quite normal to feel nervous at first, but you should feel in competent hands and be assured that they can help.

If you don’t feel listened to, as though they are not trustworthy, or that their approach isn't resonating with you, let them know and ask for a referral if it cannot be worked through. What is meant by this is if there's something that can be repaired and/or adjusted, it could be worthwhile to voice your concern. It’s important to speak up, honor your needs, and listen to your body. 

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